An Honest Review: Blueland

Friends! This post is so exciting. It is my FIRST review of a company and product that I discovered on my almost plastic-free living journey! 

The company in the hot seat today is Blueland.

First, a disclaimer: I have not been paid to do this review nor was I given any free products to review. I purchased Blueland’s products with my own money and will be giving them a fair and honest review.

About the Company

Blueland’s mission is to eliminate single-use plastics, starting with household cleaning products, which as we know are traditionally sold in disposable single-use plastic bottles.

How are they going to accomplish this? When you get started with Blueland, you will buy a starter pack that includes reusable containers for whatever household cleaning products you use, also known as a “Forever Bottle.” You fill up the Forever Bottle with water and then drop in a tablet, which will then dissolve and turn into the cleaning product!

In addition to that, they sell powdered dish soap, which you put onto a wet sponge and it will sud up. Blueland also has laundry and dishwasher tablets. All packaging that you receive your products in and storage containers are plastic-free. 

As you run out of a product, you order more from Blueland and they’ll ship it right to your door. For the cleaning tablets, typically the more you buy the more you save. For example, the Multi-Surface Refill Packs: it is $6 if you buy three tablets but if you buy 9 tablets at once, it is $14. It’s just like bulk shopping at Costco! 😉

How do these products do versus the single-use plastic products we get from the grocery store?

Have no fear, I am here to tell you that!

I ordered The Everyday Clean kit. I will let you know up front that I haven’t used EVERYTHING in it yet because it takes me longer to run out of some products than others.

This kit includes the following:

Foaming Hand Soap: 1 glass bottle and 1 tablet

Cleaning Sprays: 3 Tritan “Forever Bottles” and 3 tablets – 1 tablet of each spray

Dish Soap: 1 silicone shaker and 16 oz of the powdered dish soap

Dishwasher Tablets: 1 steel tin and 40 tablets

I haven’t used the hand soap or the dish soap yet, but I’ve used everything else! Here are my thoughts.

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Spray

This spray is my JAM! I use it mainly in my kitchen to wipe down my counters and sink. It leaves everything clean and shiny! The scent isn’t strong at all. You know those other cleaners that make your throat kinda hurt because of how strong the smell is? This is NOT one of those cleaners! Very mild in regards to the smell. 

Bathroom Spray

Another (new) household staple. I think this is the spray I am most impressed with because it removes all the gunk out of my bathroom sink, shines up my faucet, and leaves my counters looking spotless. Also, a very mild scent, which I am so thankful for.

Below is a before (on the left) and after (on the right) photo of my bathroom sink using the bathroom spray!

Glass and Mirror Spray

It took me a couple of tries to start liking this spray. I think it was because the first one or two times I used it, I paired it with paper towels AND I might have used too much spray. It left my mirrors with that cloudy look!

The last time I used it, I tried a microfiber cloth instead and only sprayed it two times for the entire mirror. It looks much better!

Dishwasher Tablets

Now time for the sad-ish part of my review. These tablets simply are not as good as the dishwasher pods we were using previously. At first, I was impressed because they appeared to get the job done. But as I started using them more, I began realizing that food wasn’t being cleaned off my dishes and they didn’t have the shine that they normally do. There were a few washes where they didn’t even look that clean at all.

I experimented a bit and realized that maybe one tablet was TOO small for my entire dishwasher. I now use two tablets per wash. That paired with scrubbing food off of the dishes before I put them in the dishwasher seems to do the trick, but I’m still not all that impressed.

Not to mention, 2 tablets per wash is… a bit much. We do dishes maybe 3-4 times per week, so we’d be using 6-8 tablets per week. One pack comes with 40 tablets. We’d be out of one pack in a little over a month. 

I plan to finish out the starter pack while I try to figure out a successful system to get my dishes looking fresh and/or ponder new alternatives to dishwasher detergent that are still plastic-free. Thankfully there are other brands out there to try. 

However, I will keep using the cleaning sprays because those things are UH-MAZING!

Again, there are two products I haven’t used yet. Those are the powdered dish soap and the foaming handsoap. Once I do use them, I will either post a new blog post or post a mini-review on Instagram so make sure to follow me there!

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