Sunday Thoughts: Why I Don’t Have A Ton of Social Media Accounts

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I am sure by now many people have noticed that I don’t have this blog hooked up to a ton of social media accounts. The only social media that I keep active are this blog and my Instagram. I post on my personal Facebook page every once in a while, too.

At one point during my blogging and business journey, I had a website, Facebook page, Instagram account, Pinterest account, Snapchat, TikTok, Blog Lovin, Google+, and Twitter. Those are a lot of accounts! I decided after a while to delete most of these or just let them go inactive, for a few different reasons.

Spending too much time on social media puts me in a bad place mentally.

This is perhaps the most important reason. I used to spend way too much time comparing myself and my life to others. For this reason, I set a timer on my phone that will “lock” my Instagram account once I spend that amount of time in the app. When I first set it up, I was getting locked out of my account every day. Now I rarely do. I also make sure to unfollow any account that starts to affect my mental health, and I follow accounts that bring me joy. In addition to that, I frequently go through my followers list and remove anyone I don’t want following me. I truly believe that being in this space should be more about the quality of my followers, not about the quantity!

I completely deactivated my TikTok. I posted a video that was supposed to be a tribute to my Papa, who passed away in 2019 from cancer, and it took off. Of course, as it gained more views, the comments on it started to become pretty awful and I found myself distraught over things random strangers were saying which is unlike me. Therefore, I deleted my TikTok and haven’t been back since!

I also don’t post much or spend a lot of time on Facebook because I feel like it has become a very judgmental place. Not to mention, a lot of my family members are jerks on there. It has become a place where talking smack behind a keyboard is acceptable but God forbid you try to share your own opinion.

From a business and blogger standpoint, I feel like having too many social media accounts becomes overwhelming!

Back when I was running The Fit Writer, I would publish a post and then have to set up sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatever else I wanted to share it on. Sometimes this took longer than writing the actual post!

Facebook and Twitter were easier because I could connect those accounts to my WordPress account.

Pinterest required creating a graphic on Canva and then uploading it into the post; then adding the link to Pinterest and selecting that photo to save to one of my boards, and of course, making sure that I used all the right words in my title and description to ensure maximum traffic to my blog. I know there are easier ways to do this, but a lot of the easy ways required me to spend money that I didn’t have- and still don’t have because I don’t blog for the money.

I have to do something similar on Instagram; I have to find or create an image relating to my blog post, come up with a caption, and then figure out all those hashtags.

It just became overwhelming and something I honestly did not look forward to. As I said, I don’t blog for the money. I don’t blog to get maximum attention. I do it because I enjoy writing, I enjoy sharing certain aspects of my life with people, and I love connecting with others.

Therefore, I got rid of my business Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, and Blog Lovin’. I still have Pinterest, but it is mostly for fun. I love Instagram and it’s typically my main source of blog traffic so I decide to have a healthy balance of life posts and blog posts. Now my focus is more on writing and sharing my story instead of trying to share it on every single social media platform possible.

It hinders my productivity.

This is pretty obvious because the more time you scroll on social media, the less productive your days are. In the past, I would hop on Instagram “really quick” and two hours later come up for air. Yikes! That was two hours of my life I couldn’t get back and I could’ve done something way more productive.

This is also where that Instagram timer has helped me, as well as deleting a lot of my social media apps. I also have strange notifications settings so when I’m in the middle of something, I don’t feel the urge to answer a notification from one of my social media apps.

I want to be present in life.

Past Kayla loved to document stuff. I still do but differently. 

In the past, I had to “check-in” places on social media. I’d post a picture or a video. Then inevitably get distracted with something on my timeline while I was with family or friends, or even on vacation!

Turns out, documenting things doesn’t mean you’re living in the moment.

Living in the moment means putting your phone down after taking that picture or video, not opening up your social media app to share it.

Tuning into all of your senses.

Enjoying conversations with your friends and family.

Truly sinking in the moment.

You can’t do that on social media.

I want to be present in life and not be known as the person who always has her phone in her hands.

Nowadays, I’ll snap the photo and put my phone away. Sometimes I will share on social media later. Almost all the time, I write about it in my own private (digital) journal and share the photo on there simply because I don’t want to forget the moment but also not everything needs to be shared on social media.

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