People We Meet on Vacation: Let’s Go On Multiple Vacations!

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The best relationships start as friendships. I love that People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry demonstrates that.

After reading People We Meet on Vacation, I cannot imagine any fictional couple more perfect than Alex and Poppy. I saw so much of me and my husband in these two- except Michael is Poppy and I am Alex.

Alex and Poppy are likely my new favorite fictional couple.

They are so witty with their banter back and forth. Poppy’s wild child, free spirit is complemented so well by Alex’s order and tameness. They are both unique in their own way and the very definition of opposites attract.

The book follows a timeline that is broken up between the present day and the past, focusing on summer trips the two took together. Poppy is a travel writer and Alex is her terrible photo taker. 

It truly takes the reader on a trip, not just in their friendship-turned-something-more but also to different parts of the world.

It is almost frustrating when Alex and Poppy seem perfectly happy in relationships with other people. I was thinking, “come on, you two, don’t you see you’re perfect for each other?!?!”

That is until the details of the mysterious trip to Croatia are finally revealed, after Poppy hinted at them many times, especially during their present trip to Palm Springs. The trip to Palm Springs occurs after the duo stops talking for an extended time. Poppy looks at this trip as a way to mend their broken friendship, thanks to what transpired in Croatia.

Good vibes with a little bit of heartbreak.

People We Meet on Vacation was the cause of many giggle fits. There were times we would be sitting on the couch and I couldn’t contain my laughter. Michael would look at me as if to say, “what’s so funny?” By the time I was halfway through the book, I was providing him with frequent updates on Poppy and Alex’s whereabouts and also complaining about the fact that they haven’t realized how perfect they are for each other yet.

Naturally, when things fall apart as they are leaving Palm Springs, I was devastated and frustrated and wanted to throw my book across the room. 

When Alex tells Poppy, after a valiant attempt to get him back, “We don’t make sense,” I was shattered. I still held onto hope that they would make it, though.

Something I especially loved that was possibly overlooked is how both Poppy and Alex started seeing their therapists after that trip.

And I love how Emily Henry wrote about it as if it is not shameful to see a therapist. As a mental health advocate and someone who has been in therapy, I appreciated that so much!

Alex and Poppy come from different family dynamics and have different pasts. Neither of them was officially diagnosed with mental illness. Still, they went to therapy because you do not need to have a mental illness to need therapy.

The quote that honestly broke my heart, simply because I understand.

Not to mention, it just proved even further that I am the female version of Alex (except I do not wear khakis and I hate driving).

After Poppy attempts to get him back, after he tells her they don’t make sense, after she runs out to her car… he runs after her.

He tells her he’s been seeing a therapist too and that his therapist thinks he’s afraid of being happy.

He somewhat disagrees and then he says this:

“I’m afraid of you realizing I bore you. Or meeting someone else. Or being unhappy and staying. And… I’m afraid of loving you for our entire lives, and then having to say goodbye. I’m afraid of you dying, and the world feeling useless.”

GAH. Literally MY feelings, put into words right there. As many people know, my husband is a fighter pilot, which isn’t exactly the most safe of jobs. We’ve known other pilots who have died in accidents and my literal worst fear is him dying.

Because just as Alex said, the world would feel useless.

My rating of People We Meet on Vacation

I am sure it is obvious, but I give this book five out of five stars! This was my first time reading a book by Emily Henry, but after People We Meet on Vacation I certainly want to read even more books by her! I love the way she tells a story and the characters she created. She made me feel like I was sucked into the story and witnessing it as if I were a fly on the wall.

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