We Are the Brennans: The Standard Irish-American Family

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Confession: I chose We Are the Brennans by Tracey Lange for my Book of the Month pick because of the cover. With all the four-leaf clovers on it, I knew the main character just had to be Irish. It wasn’t just the main character, Sunday Brennan, who is Irish; it’s her entire family.

The Synopsis:

“When twenty-nine-year-old Sunday Brennan wakes up in a Los Angeles hospital, bruised and battered after a drunk driving accident she caused, she swallows her pride and goes home to her family in New York. But it’s not easy. She deserted them all—and her high school sweetheart—five years before with little explanation, and they’ve got questions.

Sunday is determined to rebuild her life back on the east coast, even if it does mean tiptoeing around resentful brothers and an ex-fiancé. The longer she stays, however, the more she realizes they need her just as much as she needs them. When a dangerous man from her past brings her family’s pub business to the brink of financial ruin, the only way to protect them is to upend all their secrets—secrets that have damaged the family for generations and will threaten everything they know about their lives. In the aftermath, the Brennan family is forced to confront painful mistakes—and ultimately find a way forward, together.”

My Thoughts

This book tugged at my heartstrings! I flew through it because I couldn’t put it down. It immediately hooks the reader with Sunday’s car crash. I found myself wondering, “what kind of demons was she dealing with to make this type of decision?” 

I loved the flow of the chapters because it was incredibly unique. The story has multiple perspectives, not just Sunday’s, but it flows seamlessly.

The amount of generational trauma in this story is heartbreaking and something that I feel like many people these days understand. It also demonstrates how important it is to break the cycle and set yourself free by finally telling the truth.

I loved how real and human each character is. Everyone has their own set of strengths and their flaws, and they make their own mistakes, too.

What I Didn’t Prefer

I felt like some of the characters were underdeveloped or just boring.

The book ended SO FAST. I don’t want to give away the ending because it was shocking, but it really left me wanting to know more. I didn’t feel like the story had reached a conclusion. I am hoping this means Tracey Lange will write another book about the Brennans!

Read This If You Like:

  • Complex family dramas
  • Hot-mess-express characers
  • Love triangles
  • A story told from multiple perspectives
  • Dark family secrets
  • A crazy ending

All in all, I give this book, which is also Tracey Lange’s debut novel, four out of five stars. I cannot wait to see what other stories she blesses us with in the future!

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