Hey there, beautiful people!

I’m Kayla. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet, where I speak my mind and share my life in hopes of educating and empowering other people, especially women!

I reside in Miami, Florida with my pilot husband and two fur-children. I love books, being physically active, learning new things, cartooning (Etsy shop coming soon!), and adventuring around with my husband.

I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer since 2014, but a lot of people don’t realize my first love until they learn what I have my Bachelor’s degree in; and that is writing!

In 2020, I realized that I didn’t love fitness as much as I used to simply because there is more to life than just working out and eating healthy. Therefore, I revamped my fitness blog into what you are looking at right now! A catch-all, hodge-podge lifestyle blog where I discuss pilot wife life, travels and adventures, mental and physical health, plastic-free and sustainable living, our TTC journey, and whatever else is in my heart and on my mind.

No matter how or why you stumbled across my blog, I am glad that you are here!